Why Google Sites?

Tom H

In the "Announcement" accessed through my Wikispaces wiki settings was this paragraph that was omitted in the "Alternatives" section of the public Help message:
To create sites, take a look at you can create, edit and publish a site. You do require a google account and either Firefox or Chrome to upload the site.
I've had experience with Google Sites so it is one I will consider. However, Google is going to phase out the Classic Sites which I use, replacing them with New Sites, currently under development but available. Thus it would make sense to test migration to New Sites rather than to Classic. 

A major attraction is you can get a Google Site for free with 100MB capacity and can couple it with Google Drive (15GB free), Google Photos (unlimited capacity if you let them compress), YouTube, and many other Google products.

A downside is that there is no means for batch conversion for the free Google Sites. There may be for the business oriented Google Suite which is available free to registered not-for-profit organizations.