A trial migration

Tom H

I'm getting a bit of a handle on as owner of the Wikispaces-Refugees group and I have now started a trial migration of my Wikispaces site to a GIO group. At this point, there is no automated or bulk transfer but there is a useful bulk file upload. I've tried a number of ways of recreating Ws Pages and have concluded that my preferred target within the capabilities of the GIO group is to create a New Topic per Ws Page. That's not to say that the overall result after migration would be acceptable; there are shortcomings already seen and likely more to be encountered. OTOH, the free Basic service on provides 1GB of storage and an automated transfer from Wikispaces looks to me to be technically feasible. Would the owner-developer undertake its development?  

Where to put Ws Pages?

  1. Files area: I uploaded the Pages files Ws exported in HTML format to the Files area. Unfortunately, clicking on an uploaded file launches its download to your local drive; it does not open in the browser. I've requested that GIO issue the MIME type that would cause a browser to open the page but the developer has not committed to doing so. 
  2. "Wiki" pages: GIO has a Wiki feature. I think it may be useful as a top of Messages "Home" page but given its bottom of page set of controls, including navigation to sub-pages, the content needs to be short. Some redesign of the UI could help. GIO Wiki pages support version history and comparison but not discussion. The Wiki Page Editor is very similar, if not identical, to the Message Editor.
  3. Messages: appears to be the best place with one Topic per imported Ws Page. The content of the Ws Page would be in the first message of the topic. Group members can reply to the topic, allowing for a threaded ongoing discussion. A setting can allow or restrict editing of posted messages; version history and comparison is supported.

Where to put Ws Files?

GIO has a Files area and a Photos area. You can add sub-folders to the former and "albums" (just a name for sub-folders) to the latter. By default group settings, image type files are blocked from being uploaded to Files. To repoint imported links in Ws Pages to the files transferred therefrom to the GIO group, I think it is easiest to do the following:
  1. Change the Group setting to allow image type files to be uploaded to Files.
  2. Export your Ws Wiki to HTML format (you will use the HTML files later).
  3. Upload all the files from the export's "files" folder to the GIO Files area. I uploaded straight to the root of that area, which is also named "files" (very convenient later on for repointing URLs). At this point, I would recommend doing batches of 100 because you have to wait for thumbnails to be rendered before you can get to the bottom of the dialog to click on the Add button. I've asked for a list view to speed things up.
I'll continue in another message to cover what I did with Ws Page content.

Tom H

There are two ways to get Wikispaces Pages content into Messages:
  1. Copy HTML source code from the HTML file Ws exported for each page and paste it into the Source Code editor option in the Message Editor.
  2. Select the rendered content on the browser open on the live Wikispaces Page and paste it into the Message Editor.

Exported Source Code Copy Online Browser
Very plain, stripped down version of original, white bkgd. Much closer to original, font and bkgd colours preserved
Relative URLs to files can work without editing URLs for linked images & files point to Wikispaces site; must be edited. This can be facilitated by an intermediate step through an HTML text editor, globally replacing absolute URLs with relative URLs for those files that transferred from Ws.
Discussion is in separate JSON file; no obvious way to reattach except through manual edits. Discussion on the page is copied over, preserving identity of authors, datestamps. While discussions cannot be continued in the same format, further discussions can be carried out under the Message Topic.
Example Message
Example Message emails sent to subscribers trip up on more complex HTML