No Batch Import to in the offing #import

Tom H

Mark Fletc

Mark Fletcher (

Apr 3, 16:30 MST

Hi Tom,

Thanks for considering Unfortunately at this time I just don't have the development cycles available to do anything to help wikispace transferees. 




Tom Holden

Tom Holden

Mar 20, 12:12 MST

Hi Mark,

Are you giving any consideration to batch transfer from a Wikispaces site now that it has announced its 3-phase shutdown commencing June 30? I think that it may be technically easier than a Y!groups transfer and that is a good target for many Ws sites.

Their current Export can output a static html file for each Page all in one folder with a subfolder for all image and other files and another subfolder with JSON files for each Discussion Topic for each Page and for each Comment on selected text within the Page. Replies to each Topic and Comment are included in the respective file.

There is currently no export of Tags nor of Members email addresses. I am pressing Wikispaces for these additions.

From my exploration of, I think it should be relatively easy to convert the HTML Page files to the first message of a Topic for each Page and adapt links to Files, uploaded to a common folder.

The JSON files contain enough information to convert the Discussion type to replies to a Topic or simply append them to the initial post which is where they appear on the Ws Page.

The Comment type is a little more difficult to replicate as they popout and highlight the selected text. For, they could be most readily converted to replies to the Topic with the selected text as a quote.

Given there is no current capability to import members' email addresses, there is the question of the identity of the author so a generic one would be at least a temporary one. I authored the majority of Pages, Comments and replies to Discussions on my Ws site and know the email addresses of some other authors so it might be possible to provide an Author's list instead of a full Members List. Ws does allow an Organizer to send a message to all members so notice of the transfer and invitation to join can be sent before Ws shuts down the site.

I started the Wikispaces-Refugees forum on for Organizers to explore and share experiences with various alternatives. It is growing in membership and information.

What do you think?