Re: Self-hosted DokuWiki Software Import

Tom H

Looking good. 

Two things bother me about migrating to DokuWiki:
  1. Wikispaces does not export a Page Name as a Heading, only as a file name. DokuWiki lower cases and substitutes underscores for the space character and other non-alphanumeric characters in the file name. The end result is that the DW Page Table of Contents tab contains the less readable, lowercase, underscore filled filename in fine print with no page heading (unless the original WS page had one added manually). And the sitemap lists these less readable filenames.
  2. WS Page Discussions cannot migrate well to DW because DW has to flatten a multitopic WS Discussion into one headingless series, assuming you can find a way to import them in the first place.
However, DW is not alone in presenting these problems. The first is partly the fault of the WS Export. I've asked that it include a top level heading of the Page Name. The second is also pretty common but I think MediaWiki supports multi-topic threaded discussions but with the expense of added complexity due to the need for a MySQL database.

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