Re: Help

Tom H

Because you are a teacher in a school system, I would suggest you ask the advice of your Board's Technology or Website administrator. They may have what you need or can suggest something for which they can provide support.

Absent any such support, your current site is so simple that it can be easily set up on one of numerous free hosts. Your own Internet Service Provider may offer subscribers a free website. Google Sites is free and Google has a rich set of offerings for educators in its free Google Classroom or G-Suite for Education service. There are other free webhosts such as In all of these cases, your URL is going to be a subdomain of theirs. Were you then to transfer to another host, your URL will have to change, just as it will when you leave It might be worthwhile for you to register your own domain name but this will cost $10-$20 p.a. to maintain. Many Domain Registrars such as will throw in a free website; Google and 000webhost are also Registrars. You can freely transfer your domain registration to a different Registrar.

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