Re: CiviHosting offers migration to DokuWiki #wikispaces #export #dokuwiki #civihosting


CiviHosting was extremely responsive and helped me fix all the links in
my wiki within a few hours. Our organization is very happy with the
resulting DokuWiki.
For the record, there was a glitch in our migrator tool which we found and fixed.

Glad to see CiviHosting being proactive with support. They are
certainly marketing their migration and hosting services wherever they find a lead.

We are and this is truly a win/win situation. We have several clients who are actually grateful to have found a resource who can migrate their wikis for them. Whereas Marc's directions for migrating to WordPress are fantastic and quite detailed, it is not possible for most non-technical users to do this migration alone.

Many users need someone who can migrate their wiki for them, and then support it as well and that's what we are offering.

Two more notes for completeness and transparency:

We are also offering migration to WordPress now as well. We had begun to unravel the process before Marc's post and we are now automating and generalizing his procedures to work for most any Wikispaces wiki.

Prices at begin at $19/month on although once logged in, they do offer a $9/month plan as well, but it's a bit limited. These plans also are branded by "Powered by EditMe" and we haven't yet found how to add a Contact Us form on a wiki with them, but it may exist and we just can't find it.

CiviHosting's prices begin at $15 a month and that includes unlimited users, has no branding, and comes with other features like a contact us form and more.

Any specific questions about our services probably would best be directed to us privately offline, unless there is group interest. The link again to our Wikispaces Migration service is:

Thank you,

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