Importing the sidebar menu #sidebar

Tom H

Wikispaces has a powerful sidebar menu that does not import well into DokuWiki. The examples below are from my Wikispaces site to my Civihosting trial site.

The original has headings as hyperlinks, the tag cloud widget and the Navigation page list widget showing 20 page names at a time. None of these are supported by DokuWiki. Wikispaces violates DokuWiki syntax by exporting the header links as headers; I had to remove the header format and the best I could do to highlight them was bolding. The widgets outputs are static links. Those from the tag cloud point to non-existent pages, named after each Wikispaces tag; the tags themselves are not exported so you have to start all over with tags in the way they are supported in DokuWiki. So I deleted the widgets outputs, leaving a comparatively short sidebar.

The link Go to Complete Page List links to an imported page that contains the static export from a widget that generated the list. Unfortunately this is now static. The closest thing to it is theĀ Sitemap link on the top bar of the page template. Unfortunately, the original page name is lost in the migration process:

Exported filename: Source Templates - Convert Builtins to Editable, Split, Import (the name on the imported page list)

Converted filename: source_templates_-_convert_builtins_to_editable_split_import (the name on the DokuWiki Sitemap)

Wikispaces sidebar:

As imported:

Cleaned up: