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Tom H

Comparing my 19 hour export that finished this morning to the last one I got on March 27, there are some noticeable improvements and a major setback:
  1. Files folder is fuller: 528 files in 70.6MB versus 496 files in 68.2MB. I trust this means a complete set of the files as Wikispaces reports 528 on the "Pages and Files" page. My June 22 HTML Export has 531 (why more?) in 70.6MB.
  2. Discussion folder is smaller:  164 files in 127KB versus 200 files in 504KB (whaaat? I have yet to look at what files are missing but the ones delivered have "[Comment Unavailable]" where the message body should be. So that's a step backward! My June 22 HTML export has 201 files in 565KB and has the content.
  3. mainspace has 267 page files versus 268 in March and 279 reported by Wikispaces "Pages and Files". Have to look into this further to find what's missing! My June 22 HTML export also has 267 page files. Discrepancy due to page redirects - see Page redirects cause problems
  4. Page files appear to have many changes. Perhaps this is now a more MediaWiki compliant tagging. Links are all changed, for example:
    1. Now: [[Source List Query]]<br /> 
    2. Then: [/Source%20List%20Query Source List Query]<br /> 
I'll have to do the MediaWiki Export again to ascertain whether the loss of Discussion content is systemic or an aberration. 

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