Re: #MediaWiki migration to #mediawiki #mywikis

Barb Kikta

Hi Jeffrey,
I would like to migrate my wikispaces wiki to mywiki.  I have a few  but am interested in only one, my AP French curriculum.
Thanks for any help you can offer.


From: Jeffrey Wang (MyWikis) <j@...>
Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2018 9:05 PM
Subject: [Wikispaces-Refugees] #MediaWiki migration to #MyWikis

Hello everyone,
I'm Jeffrey with MyWikis. We offer MediaWiki hosting at low monthly or annual prices. If you are interested in migrating your Wikispaces wiki to a MediaWiki instance, we would be more than happy to assist you. Our migration process is free of charge and painless on your side; it is done under supervision of our tech support team using an automated script that bulk imports your content into MediaWiki.

As Tom as previously mentioned, we have imported his wiki with minimal effort on his side for the import process. Not only do we import pages, but also the images. Since MediaWiki does not include a nested comments-based discussion feature, we do not import comments automatically (and we'd like to work with everyone here to see how we should best proceed). While I will admit that Wikispaces syntax is not perfectly compatible with MediaWiki syntax (and therefore causes some formatting glitches), they can be fixed manually after the import is complete. We're always open to input and we'd like to reach our goal of helping everyone who wants to migrate their wiki to MediaWiki, as easily as possible on your side.

Please check out more info at our webpage for Wikispaces migration if you are interested: and please let me know if you have any questions. I'd be happy to answer them. Thanks!

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