Re: 3 weeks to end-of-time for free Wikis #export #migration #hosting

Marc M

  Thanks for the reminder, Tom - I had forgotten all about this.

On 7/10/18 1:23 PM, Tom H wrote:
On Mon, Jul 9, 2018 at 03:40 pm, Tom H wrote:
And/or register a domain name and set up a basic website for status reporting; later you may be able to have this domain point to your permanent replacement.
I should have added to this another step before shutdown and that is to redirect your Wikispaces site to your new domain. Wikispaces will provide domain redirection for your site until 1 Feb 2019. On the Settings page, select "Domain Redirect" from the side menu.


Looking to move SQLite Tools For RootsMagic from Wikispaces

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