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Barb Kikta

Hi Jeffrey,

Thank you for your quick response and understanding. It is appreciated. Here is the issue. You are a technical expert. I am a user . When I was researching to determine what to do, I understood nothing of the technical side of the conversation that was going on. So I had to jump in and discover the issues involved. Now I know I will need Visual Editor to manage this.

Thanks for the teacher's discount!! I pay, school doesn't . I need to see how it works on my own pages. When I switch to Pro will I see the same code?


From: Jeffrey Wang (MyWikis) <j@...>
Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2018 4:51 PM
Subject: Re: [Wikispaces-Refugees] Export processing slow? #export

Hi Barbara,
I'm sorry you're feeling frustrated about the migration process. The stark differences between Wikispaces and MediaWiki, the software that MyWikis uses, means that imports with more complicated syntax will require more touching up. Unfortunately, some video embeds are impossible to automatically change to the MediaWiki format because MediaWiki requires the exact filename, whereas Wikispaces used a unique ID that we have no way to match to the appropriate video. Our first person to import their Wikispaces wiki reported they only needed to make a few tweaks, but now that we've had more people migrating to MyWikis, we've seen cases where it's taken a bunch more effort to make the wiki work. The wiki markup you're seeing on your wiki is not MyWikis specific, but is MediaWiki's own markup—the same kind that Wikipedia uses. (We're not a fan of it either, but MediaWiki is still the best wiki software out there overall.) Although VisualEditor may not help with fine-tuning the syntax discrepancies, we did make customers aware of it as an alternative to the existing complicated wiki markup. On our website, we recommend the MyWikis Pro plan to prospective customers because it includes the VisualEditor feature. We also made this clear on the Plans comparison page: Pro is our most popular plan and most users who choose the Basics plan do so because they do not need the VisualEditor feature. Since your wiki is for educational purposes, we are able to facilitate your upgrade to a Pro plan for our nonprofit price of $6/month or $60/year. Please let us know on our support system if you would like to upgrade. Thank you for choosing MyWikis!

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