Re: Too late to export #export

Marc M

  I just noticed that the forwarding from Wikispaces that they offer and I had set up a few times and never worked; is finally working for my site as of this morning.

  I'd encourage everyone who has had a successful migration to another location, like with our migration to Docuwiki, make sure that they enter their site on Google Webmasters ( so that Google can start indexing their site at it's new location as quickly as possible.

On 8/1/18 8:04 AM, Tom H wrote:
> I doubt there is any recourse from Wikispaces after having given over > 6 months notice and a banner seen by every user active in that > period. Public sites will likely have some page content stored on The > Wayback Machine. > > Appeals could be sent to help@... and > support@... <mailto:support@...> > > This Google search returns public Wikispaces sites, most of which are > now down and none on the first couple of pages of results are being > forwarded to a new site. >* > ------------------------- Tom Looking to move SQLite Tools For > RootsMagic <>

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