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Marc M

Hi guys, new here.  We have a wikispaces site covering our local area - basically everything about it, though centering mostly on historical aspects (  A group of us have been working on it for years but mostly it's my friend and I who have contributed the most content.  It's over 880 pages so we don't want to be cutting and pasting in an effort to migrate it elsewhere.  It would be a pretty big job.

Looking through all of the export formats it seems like they should be able to be imported into the various pieces of software that they correspond to.  But after investigating this it seemed to either not be the case, the process would leave everything unconnected and jumbled, or the process was beyond me and it was questionable what would happen anyway.  I think this meshes with what others have found (outside of the company that is charging to do a migration).

I am a professional web designer with a specialty in Wordpress so I got to thinking about customers who I have migrated from static sites to Wordpress.  Sometimes for certain things we may 'cheat' a bit and paste HTML directly into a Wordpress page editor until such a time as we can go back and 'fix' it to more modern standards.

So I got to wondering if I could create a script to import the Wikispaces HTML export directly into Wordpress' MYSQL database?  I played around with it a bit until I started wondering if someone else had already created a plugin for this.

Sure enough, someone had created a plugin that imports a series of HTML files, keeping links and codes and even importing graphics (thanks to Stephanie Leary and her HTML import plug - and 

I played around with it a bit - importing a few pages as well as importing the entire group of unzipped HTML files multiple times and then resetting Wordpress to default for testing the various options over and over.

I found that, all-in-all, it worked beautifully.  That's not to say that it worked perfectly and - there was a lot of trial and error, and I had to load ALL of the files into a multiple tabbed editor and do a mass search and replace on all links and play around with a few things.  Fortunately the mass search and replace only takes seconds.  But now I have a working 'wiki' with all pages included, linked, searchable and I didn't have to spend 880 hours cutting and pasting.  There's still some things to fix and lots of things that can now be prettied up since it is in Wordpress.

This is just a temporary location for proof-of-concept and experimentation as we are still trying to decide where it's new home will be (I'm hosting it on my own leased server at the moment) so if anyone wants to take a look at what I did it is here -

If anyone would like a more detailed explanation of what I did please let me know, I'd like to help out as many people as possible.  It's not simple but it is doable.






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