Re: Unsubscribers' Feedback #migration

Tom H

Hello Tom,

1.     Why have you unsubscribed? We moved away from Wikispaces before our July 31, 2018 deadline.

2.     Are there any changes we should make to the forum? No.

3.     If you have settled on a target to which you did (or will) migrate your Wikispaces wiki, what is it? We went with PBWorks.

4.     If your target is publicly viewable, what is the URL? Not publicly viewable.

5.     What was the name of your Wikspaces site? McNallyLibrary

We primarily use our Wiki as a communications tool, and had trouble finding a low cost, secure site that provided timely notifications with a simple, but customizable structure. Wikispaces was perfect for our needs and it took us quite a while to find something that would work as well for us. We very much appreciated Wikispaces and its features over the last several years.

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