Re: Copying & Pasting from Wikispace PDF Download

Marc M

  Firstly, you have to give us more info.  What are you using to load your PDF and copy from, and what are you trying to paste into?

  If you are using something commonly used to open PDF's, like Adobe Acrobat Reader, it works just fine to copy text and paste it into anything that accepts text.  It sounds like whatever you are using is copying it as if it were a pdf file instead of text.

  Alternately, instead of using a PDF you can also export in the native Wikispaces format and load those files into a text editor or Word and copy text out.


On 9/17/18 6:38 PM, mk756 via Groups.Io wrote:
Hoping someone out there has a solution to my problem with my Wikispace downloaded PDF file.  I was so excited to finally get it but now see I can't copy and paste text from it into any environment - it comes out as gibberish!

For example, text that reads
pastes as

138-:%8-32%0 59)78-327

I contacted the 
folks at Wikispaces and they said they could no longer provide support :(

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