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Marc M

Youch - if I'm understanding what he is getting for an output that guy went through a lot of trouble when maybe he could have just exported it in Wikispaces and gotten his whole site in static HTML pages and just uploaded them without changing links or anything.   I think he wanted his menu bar and such but it's a lot easier to just export it all in HTML format and then create a little index page with a search and such than going through all of that trouble.  Though in the Wikispaces export HOME.HTML is the home page, without the menu buttons - which can be added.

If anyone wants to do that and have a static output accessible on the Internet it's very easy to do.  Here's a test I did with mine -  Nothing is editable of course, and it could do with a search and a better index (a modification of the home.html) but if any Wikispaces members want to just do it that way it's really easy to do.

I'm not familiar with the Sitesucker app that he references since it is for the Mac but the method I mention is NOT using a sitesucker or whatever you want to call it.

The problem here is that all of your data on Wikispaces is not stored on static webpages (I remember the old days when you could use a program like that to just copy a bunch of HTML files off someone's site).

Your wiki's pages are created on-the-fly by the wiki software from where they are stored in a database.  So that kind of 'Sitesucker' software must access each page and grab it's content.

The method I used grabs the content from a sub-directory on the same server as where the Wordpress installation is living, and the content must already be exported from Wikispaces in HTML format.  I'll go into the process more in the next message.

I want to throw out an idea here also.  I don't want to make a big deal out of advertising my services and such but if this all seems too complicated I think I am willing to help people out for a fair price.  If you want a static HTML site created from your Wikispaces site it's not a big deal.  If you want a member/contributor/editor editable site like a wiki using Wordpress then I could do that I believe, again for a fair price. Otherwise see my next message for a more detailed explanation of the process I used.




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