Re: Other migration examples, discussions #wikispaces

Tom H

On Fri, Mar 16, 2018 at 08:00 am, <marcem13601@...> wrote:
you don't need any 'sitesucker' software of anything like that to produce HTML files.  You can export them directly from your Wikispaces page under "Exports/Backups".  Then you have static HTML and can dump it into some webspace and have a static non-visitor/contributor-editable copy of your Wiki
Yes, I am aware of that. Moreover the exported Page files do not include the Discussions and Comments - these are exported to the "discussions" folder in JSON files. For a WS wiki that has no Discussions and Comments, the exported, static HTML pages could well suffice. Another thing lost is layout (e.g., image size, text wrapping,...). My own WS site makes fairly extensive use of Discussions, Comments and layout so I am interested in a more complete and faithful import of the original pages into the new site.

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