Re: Other migration examples, discussions #wikispaces

Marc M

What I am going to do with our discussions is set up a BBPress or Buddypress plugin in Wordpress for discussions and for the discussions from Wikispaces just just a multifile text editor to strip out all of the Javascript/Json coding and paste these discussions in static form in an archival page off form the Wordpress discussions page.  That way we still have access to all of those old discussions, and it may perhaps seed new ones.

About the formatting - I was thinking that I saw some image size formatting in the HTML output files but my eyes are crossing from looking at it so I have to stop for now.

But it looks like the only thing that retains full formatting is the PDF export.  If you could find something to extract each PDF page and that would convert the formatting into HTML or another format you might be able to recover the formatting that way.  I copy text from PDF's for my work and convert them to graphics but I don't remember if I there is anythign that exports the text with formatting.

For the text on our site I will probably invoke the Wordpress theme's text justification sitewide and let Wordpress handle that for word wrapping and such.




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