[Fixed] Flawed links to wiki pages in HTML export #export #bugs #html

Tom H

I've just discovered a bug in the Wikispaces HTML export for links between pages in my March 30 backup. I don't know if this also applies earlier or later but you should check your own if you are counting on using the HTML export. What appears to be happening is that the export wants to transfer what is in Wikitext as:
[[sqlitetoolsforrootsmagic/RootsMagic 7|RootsMagic 7]]
<a class="wiki_link" href="RootsMagic%207.html">RootsMagic 7</a> 
but is putting the added cart before the horse as this:
<a class="wiki_link" href=".htmlRootsMagic%207">RootsMagic 7</a> 
Of course, that's not going to work.

While a regular expression search & replace across all files could flip the ".html" to the end of the filename based on the ending quotation mark, those URLs that link to an anchor point require the ".html" to be moved ahead of the first "#".

Wikispaces needs to fix this.

Looking to move SQLite Tools For RootsMagic from Wikispaces

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