Re: Clean up "gotchas" before exporting #export

Tom H

Another potential "gotcha" in migration is the use of uncommon characters in the name of a Wikispaces page or file. Now Wikispaces has its own restrictions but they may differ from those of the migration target or may even be mishandled in Wikispaces own Export procedure. I'm guilty of taking such liberties and am now paying the price for it. Not one of my trial migrations was clear of any such translation problems. Understandable, perhaps when a name may go through one or more encoding processes, e.g., the space character translated to "%20" and then to an underscore "_". And the same algorithm must be used for both the filename and the hyperlink for the link to continue unbroken.

I have problems with the comma, question mark and Greek pi characters and maybe others that I have used with wild abandon. I haven't made a comprehensive study that identifies all of them on all of the trial migration sites.

Fixing them seems impractical to me on Wikispaces. You cannot rename pages or files. You would have to create new ones and edit all the links to them for which Wikispaces has no global search & replace tool. You may not have renaming and/or global search & replace on the migration host either. The one place you are sure to have both is on your computer where you can work on the Export fileset with the computer's file manager and a multifile text editor such as Notepad++.

Looking to move SQLite Tools For RootsMagic from Wikispaces

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