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Tom H

The Wikispaces Export/Backup to PDF format renders and packs all the Ws pages into a single PDF file laid out in letter-size. Ws Page titles do not appear on the rendered pages but are used to name the bookmarks for the starting PDF pages for the Ws Pages. The first page in the PDF begins a hyperlinked Table of Contents.

Here is an example of a rendered Ws Page:

A brief comparison with the original shows major changes in format. It will take a page by page comparison to suss out all the differences and problems with the renderings.

Hyperlinks to files are broken as they point to a local folder: "file:///file/view/filename". Perhaps by using one of the other export formats and copying the files from the "files" folder to a file:/view folder under the same root as the PDF is under they may work. Otherwise, the PDF has to be edited (Adobe Acrobat?).

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