Re: Are my files lost forever?

Tom H

The URL reported by Firefox itself looks suspicious because of the leading slash "/W:/Dep...". If that is indeed what Firefox reports, then maybe it is reporting incorrectly what should be "W:/Dep...". Use your file manager to check in that W: path for that specific file.

Another thing could be the use of the "()" or "&" characters in the filename. Check to see if the actual filename has them replaced by HTTP escape sequences (begin with the "%" symbol). 

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Re: Are my files lost forever?


This was a good suggestion, but unfortunately the files are not there. There are no spaces in the file path or file name:


W:/Departmental/Facilitators/WIKI/Wiki Export HTML/espfacilitators/mainSpace/files/CourtneyL_ENGL1609_WS7_6Nov2017.docx

Re: Are my files lost forever?


I removed the leading slash to access the right directory, and there are lots of files in there, just not the ones I'm looking for.

I ended up finding them in a totally different location: 

W:\Departmental\Facilitators\WIKI\Wiki Export HTML\espfacilitators\mainSpace\Files Organize by Dicipline\English\Courtney WS plans

This may mean that some of my staff were "helpfully" reorganizing things for me.

Thanks so much for the help guys.


Re: Are my files lost forever?

Barb Kikta

I did the same -downloaded into html format. I then found a site to establish another When he migrated my wiki, some files titled with accent marks could not open-the page said they were not there. They were there according to my Editme contact but because of accent marks that the software did not recognize, they didn’t open. My contact would have had to redo the migration to rewrite code to ensure it recognized the accent marks. 
So, I searched for my documents in my computer instead, renamed them without accents and uploaded them without accent marks. 
I don’t know if this helps. 
Good luck, 

On Nov 21, 2018, at 4:09 PM, freephile <greg@...> wrote:

All your files are right where you saved them. Some of the links won't work because of spaces in the file names or similar issues.

Open Windows Explorer to where the error indicates the files are located.
>  /W:/Departmental/Facilitators/WIKI/Wiki Export HTML/espfacilitators/mainSpace/


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On Wed, Nov 21, 2018 at 4:59 PM <rachelle.thibodeau@...> wrote:

Hello fellow refugees,


Before Wikispaces closed I did an html download and everything seemed fine. When I open a page, it opens in my browser and internal links within the page function fine (i.e. Table of Contents links). However, when I try to open the links to actual files that had been uploaded to that page on Wikispaces, I get:


File not found


Firefox can’t find the file at /W:/Departmental/Facilitators/WIKI/Wiki Export HTML/espfacilitators/mainSpace/Sebastien Lylyk (CGSC 1001 & PHIL 1301).html.


    Check the file name for capitalization or other typing errors.

    Check to see if the file was moved, renamed or deleted.



Did I do something wrong? Does anyone else have this problem? Are my files lost forever.