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Tom H

Wikispaces exports data from a wiki in several formats:

All but PDF have much in common. They are exported in a single compressed file with an identical folder structure:
The above example is from my Ws Plus site, SQLiteToolsForRootsMagic; sites on other plans or using features that I have not may vary. The exported content is downloaded in a file having the name of the Ws site hyphenated with the export date and format type selected and with the extension corresponding to the selected compression system (.zip in my case). Extracting all results in a root folder having the Ws site name, the "mainSpace" sub-folder and its two sub-folders, "discussion" and "files":

WsSitename (no files except HTML export includes a ToC file: "table_of_content.html")
-mainSpace  (1 file per Ws page in selected format, [HTML | PHP | MediaWiki...])
--discussion (1 JSON file per Ws page having comments or discussion)
--files (files that have been uploaded to the Ws Wiki - flat system, no structure; not sure if this is all such files or only those referenced in pages)

The exception to this pattern is PDF which exports to a single PDF file containing only the Ws pages as rendered by their PDF generator. Discussion data is not exported. Not sure what happens to those files merely linked by a page.