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I did the html export and it saved most of the data in a format I can use. The biggest issue for me is getting the tag information from the wiki. It doesn't show up in the metadata of the html file. I emailed help@....  Below is my email and their reply. :(

Dear Tom
Thank you for your query
I do believe this is not possible via the backup/export feature
I do apologise for any inconveniences this may have caused
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tlink wrote:

Are there settings in the backup procedure to capture tag information in each page?

This has been a wonderful service.

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Tom Link

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Tom H

Yet another functional loss with Wikispaces export. Could they be persuaded to enhance the export? And what would it be?

The simplest thing I can think of is to export the tags as a list of hashtags at the top of the page, e.g.:
#citations #color #coding #events #sources #sql #views
I've been thinking of doing that manually for each of the 277 pages on my site that has 126 different tags. Then it would be exported. The tags for a page are listed in the dynamically generated source code for the Wikispaces Page inside the WikiTagForm. Somebody with more smarts than me could probably suck them into such a list.

While these added hashtags wouldn't necessarily end up in the tag manager of some destination host, they can be found through a Google Search with double quotes around the hashtag. Oddly, Wikispaces own search tool seems to ignore the "#" symbol and returns all matches to "sources" when searching for "#sources"; one might have to change the "#" symbol to something else for some target systems' search functions to distinguish between the 'tag' and the plain word.

If were the target system, one could manually move the list of hashtags for a page that is first in its Topic to the subject field and they would function as tags again. The names may have to be modified to fit within the target's constraints (e.g., no spaces or non-alphanumerics).