Useless download from Wikispaces Members list #members #wikispaces #featurerequest

Tom H

I just discovered another thing missing from the Wikispaces Export/Backup: the Members list. So I went to my wiki's Members list and downloaded it as a CSV file and opened in Excel. It's useless because it does not include the member's email address. All you get is the Member's Wikispaces identity, join date and membership type. On the wiki Members page, clicking on the identity just brings up that info plus some stats and a "send a message" link. So one cannot import the Members from Wikispaces into a new wiki unless Wikispaces enhances the downloadable Members list to include the email address or enhances the Export to have such a list.

Until Wikispaces does such an enhancement (and they may never do so), your only method of transferring members to the new wiki is to send them an invitation through Wikispaces. Added pressure to establish your new site well before your Wikispaces site is dead and its members unreachable!

Perhaps if enough of us request it, Wikispaces will develop an enhanced Members List Download and/or Export for Organizers that includes email addresses. Send your request to help@... 

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