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I'm the creator of QualityBox - a fully equipped MediaWiki platform that includes ElasticSearch and VisualEditor. We continuously apply updates and security patches as well as testing and working on the MediaWiki code base plus over 100 integrated extensions that are hand-picked to provide the ultimate knowledge platform, the best user experience and highest value to business owners. Our platform collaborators are both inside the Wikimedia Foundation, and members of the MWStakeholders group.  QualityBox is based on the meza system developed and used at NASA.  The source code is available, so you can establish your own; or host with us with no fuss.

I haven't had a chance to review all the other posts in the group, but definitely want you to know about the option for QualityBox.  I'll be updating our site and the demo site https://demo.qualitybox.us with more information shortly.

~ Greg
QualityBox = "know better"

Tom H

Thanks for letting us know. Please add your service offering to our database table Destinations 1.

Looking to move SQLite Tools For RootsMagic from Wikispaces


Thanks Tom, but it seems I do not have permission to edit the database.  (There is no 'add record' or other edit tools for me.) 

Can you give me permission?


I'm working with the creators of Boston Linux User (BLU) Groups wiki, and also the Boston Perl Mongers wiki. So I will have the opportunity to solve the automatic import and markup conversion that have plagued so many.

I'll let you know by posting in the examples database.  Still, I wish QualityBox were added to the destinations database. 

We offer discounts for non-profits and free hosting for free software projects. Our base box is $3,600/year however that could easily serve 10 wikis if your talking about low volume small group wikis. So, talk to us about the possibility of a group discount too. SSL security, Visual Editor, ElasticSearch, Semantic MediaWiki, 101+ extensions included. See QualityBox Demo  and Version.  We include all security updates daily, working with upstream vendors for MediaWiki and the entire LAMP stack. Note too: we're constantly improving the platform; moving to even faster PHP-FPM; adding Redis front-end cache; upgrading to MediaWiki 1.31 and PHP7 which is all included because it's managed hosting.

  • $299
    per month
  • Up To 5 Sites*
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Two CPUs
  • 80 GB SSD
  • 4 TB transfer