The Wayback Machine for public Wikispaces sites #export

Tom H

For those with publicly viewable Wikispaces sites, The Wayback Machine may be a resource for retrieving some content. My site has snapshots this year on Jan 19, 20, Mar 15 and Jul 26. The last two appear to have been blocked at the home page by an error - my suspicion is that it was the banner that Wikispaces put up on all sites when they announced the phased shutdown, or some other change in their server that coincided. But the ones in January present the Home page beautifully and navigation from that point forward seems to be within the July snapshot, if I interpret the URLs correctly.

There are snapshots going back to Jan 2012. It was fun to see what was different.

If you had a publicly viewable Wikispaces site and have lost some content with the shutdown, maybe you can recover it from The Wayback Machine

If you have such a site still active and it has not been crawled by The Wayback Machine, try submitting its URL for a requested crawl. 

Looking to move SQLite Tools For RootsMagic from Wikispaces