Page redirects cause problems #export #gotchas

Tom H

I have a discrepancy between the count of page files in my HTML export mainspace folder and the number of Pages reported on the Wikispaces "Pages and Files" page, 267 versus 279. From the Wikispaces page, I downloaded the list of pages as a CSV file (link is an icon at bottom right of page) and opened it in Excel. I set the filter on to show only those whose Status cell is blank. Voila! That number is 12 and matches the difference between the number of downloaded pages and the Wikispaces report. All the other pages have "active" in the Status cell.

Then I searched the "Pages and Files" for these pages and realized the following:
  1. These are redirecting pages that point to the page having content
  2. There may be links to them from other pages
  3. Wikispaces export does not output a redirecting page
  4. Wikispaces export does not change a link to a redirecting page to that of the target page
Therefore, an exported page with a link to another wiki page via a page redirect has that link broken! 
This may not be hard to fix in a migrated site if the broken link gives a strong clue to what the target must be. For example, I had a link to a page "Sources - Merging Duplicate Masters" but I ultimately created the page "Sources - Merge Duplicate Masters", rendering the former a redirecting page. In this case, I have a very good clue to fix the link. However, the target page name may be quite different and the context in which the link was written unhelpful. It would be better to do something about it before losing my Wikispaces site.

I can think of three phases in which the links can be fixed: fix it on Wikispaces or fix it in the exported files or fix it on the new website. In all three cases, that CSV file from "Pages and Files" is essential along with continuing access to "Pages and Files" until you have the needed info - what is the target page for each of the redirecting pages that are not "orphaned"? You will see the filter on "Pages and Files" for "Orphaned" pages, i.e., pages that are not linked from any other page. We don't care if a redirecting page is orphaned; we do care if one is not orphaned because that means there are one or more links to it that will be broken in the export. So go through the Orphaned list and tick them off as "not a problem" on the spreadsheet list of redirecting pages. The ones left unticked have links to be fixed on other pages so we need to know the target page for each of them. That's easily found by searching for the redirecting page name in "Pages and Files" and clicking on it to open the target page. Record that page name beside its redirecting page name. Having that cross-reference, we can fix the links on Wikispaces, or the export files or on the migrated site.

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