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Tom H

Welcome to Wikispaces--Refugees, a forum for exploring ways and means of migrating Wikispaces (Ws) sites to other platforms. Started because no other venue is known to exist and the founder needs help to transfer his own site - you probably do, too. seems to be a versatile, free (to a point) platform for such discussion and may even be suitable as a destination for some Ws wikis.

I'm not an expert in any of the potential destination platforms and welcome subject leaders, contributors, etc. to take up moderator roles in this group and its subgroups. Moreover, my Ws experience is limited to one Plus site so I have no knowledge of features of other plans that it does not include. has a subgroups feature which I think would be a way to focus on specific destination targets, leaving the main group for general discussion and matters common to multiple targets. I've opened a couple to start. You have to subscribe to each sub-group to participate in it. See access instructions below.

The group and its subgroups can each have a wiki. What that means in this context remains to be seen.

Hashtags look to be a powerful tool for filtering messages, akin to Ws tags. All posters are encouraged to add relevant hashtags.

Accessing Subgroups

On the Home page click on the menu item "Subgroups". At time of editing this page, these subgroups have started:

Wikispaces-Refugees | docuwiki

It may have been premature to set up subgroups; hashtags alone may be sufficient for some time to filter for target-specific content.

Tom Holden